Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!


Here in the Pacific Northwest, Global Warming looks like this.
The effects of Global Warming in the Pacific NW

You see, weather here is a little unsettled most of the time. In April we normally are getting showers mixed with sun breaks. In the heart of winter we get storm after storm bringing us rain mixed with occasional snow storms. At the lower elevations we will have snow sticking about once a year or so.

This winter we had weeks of cold weather (below freezing) combined with heavy snow (here that is 6 in on the valley floor, much more in the mountains). It is just local weather though. Unless you are in the South or in the Midwest, where they have had very severe weather also.

Since the late 90s there has been a problem with the Global Warming Theory. It hasn’t been warming. Does that mean that Global Warming is not happening? No. The theory that Global Warming is increasing and caused by human activity is not holding up very well, however. The Zealots have been beating the doomsday drum with an increasing fervor that now is at odds with some of the recent data. It now appears that the warming may be ‘natural’ and following a cyclical pattern we have seen evidence of in our geological past.

Global Warming is likely occurring, as it has occurred before. We can expect a much warmer future. Before that comfortable future unfolds, however, we can expect weather to be what is always is.


It will get cooler, it will get warmer. When you talk to your grandkids about the weather of their past it will be a description of both warmer days and colder ones. Just like your grandparents can tell you of today about your past.

Weather is what it always has been. Consistent in it’s change.


Oh No!

This is a disaster. A news story was published acknowledging that Global Temperatures are declining a bit. From the Scotsman.

World cooling – but scientists insist that warming is real

By Craig Brown

CLIMATOLOGISTS may insist the world is getting warmer and that climate change is here to stay.
But the meteorological phenomenon called La Niña, in which the central and eastern Pacific Ocean is getting cooler, means global temperatures will drop slightly this year.

La Niña’s influence on the world means average global temperatures have not risen since 1998, prompting some to question climate change theory.

The phenomenon is sister to the better known El Niño, or the Little Boy, which appears when too little cold water rises to the ocean’s surface, causing the planet’s temperature to rise and bringing major disruption to weather systems.

La Niña has caused floods in Mozambique, and freezing temperatures in China.

David Parker, research scientist at the Met Office’s Hadley Centre, which studies climate change and variation, said La Niña was part of the natural cycle of the world’s seas.

“It happens of its own accord, and eventually, when it finishes, the effect wears off and the world’s temperature will rise again,” he said.

“While it is in effect, the world temperature will cool by a quarter of a degree, which isn’t a lot, given that we’ve had a half to three-quarters of a degree warming already, but it’s quite a chunk relative to the global warming we’ve had so far.”

He added that though Britain had not felt the full force of La Niña’s influence, it would affect the country’s weather.

“It means that the climate will be colder, but it has different effects across the world,” he said. “We had a mild winter this year, which to some extent goes along with La Niña.

There’s also a greater than average chance of a damper summer – which I think the Met Office has already forecast – but not to the same extent as last summer. In fact, last summer’s damp weather was probably connected with La Niña.”

However, Mr Parker said that it was wrong to believe the drop in temperatures meant global warming was not a reality.

“You have to be very careful how you look at these figures; 1998 was an El Niño year. The current temperature was unusually warm for then. Now we have a La Niña and it’s unusually cool compared with trends nowadays. If you take a trend over ten years, you don’t get a warming, but that’s too short a period in which to get a trend.”

“In a proper long-term sense we are on a warming trend.

“The expectation is that the temperature of the world is going up and up. There’s n

o evidence that global warming isn’t happening.”

The World Meteorological Organisation has pointed out that the decade from 1998 to 2007 was the warmest on record. Since the beginning of the 20th century the global average surface temperature has risen by 0.74C.

Dr Neil Wells, senior lecturer in oceanography at the National Oceanography Centre at Southampton University, said: “It is a major event because it is so vast – it is one of the major causes of weather variation. It redistributes heavy rain where you wouldn’t expect it. Northern Australia tends to be affected by it. The evidence that climate change has affected it just isn’t strong.

“We know this has happened for thousands of years – the flow of the Nile has been recorded as being affected by it – and that it has gone through various long period cycles, but we cannot say that climate change has been affected.”

As you can see, everyone seems more concerned about protecting their positions than they are about the environment.

It’s all about winning or convincing other people to agree with their position, even in the face of evidence pointing the other way. For some, belief in Global Warming is a faith of a religious type. The believers are so invested in the movement that any disagreement with them about it is a threat to them.

This admission of a slight downward movement in Global Temperatures does not prove anything either way. It reinforces my view of the world as an engine whose variations tend to be cyclic in nature rather than linear.

A report about a warming trend also reinforces this belief. It is bases on other beliefs I have and are not a product of scientific research or political ambition.

My goal with this little site is to point out how dishonest this Global Warming Movement is. Those who sell doom and gloom are not being honest about their beliefs or agendas. If this theory went away, these leaders of the movement would find some other doom and gloom theory to sell to the general public. That’s because doom and gloom aligns with their World View and beliefs. It is who they are. Not everyone who listens is this way but the leaders are playing on people’s fears. Doom and gloom are not hard to sell. Even if they are hard to prove.

Put the doom and gloom out of your mind for a little while and have a great day in spite of them.


Today is the day that we celebrate the delivered promise. It’s the day we see that death can be defeated. It is the day we see who He was.

The powers of the world threw their worst at Jesus and thought they had defeated Him. It is on this day, that we celebrate their error. We celebrate the victory of life over death, good over evil, God over Satan. We observing this battle, can now know we are redeemed and victory has been won for us.

With that perspective, even if the weather does not cooperate, it is still a beautiful day. I hope yours is and that your gatherings are full of warmth and the wonderful aromas of a family gathering.

Happy Easter


It certainly took a while but now its over.  We have found the cure for Global Warming.  I was a little disheartened at how long it was taking but as is the case with any great battle against an enemy of such a huge scale, its not the long path it takes to defeat them but the fact that you have that matters.

It was touch and go there for a few years with all the devastation we’ve seen from this huge problem.  I’ll pause here so you can recollect all of the devastation.  All of the family that was lost in this great battle and all of the carnage from huge events resulting from this terrible enemy.

Well the good news is that now it is over.  The battle has been won.  We now know the cause of Global Warming.  It’s happiness.  If we can eliminate happiness around the globe  we can defeat this enemy once and for all.  Think about it.  When we were battling Communism, there was no Global Warming.  When we were at war with the Nazis, there was no Global Warming.  Anytime we think back to those enemies, we think of starving people in ‘COLD’ conditions.  Ah ha, cold.  They were keeping the globe cooled off and we did not know it.  The unintended consequences of our many victories around the world is that we also defeated Global Cooling.  Now if we can just eliminate happiness we can finally defeat this new and greater enemy once and for all.

As you are reading this, governments around the world are looking at ways to limit this underlying threat to the world as we know it.  They are determining, with the help of scientists, how much happiness much be suppressed and who should be allowed to have it.  The possibility of happiness licensing is a distinct possibility. We as good citizens must be prepared for what they decree as the proper level of happiness that can be tolerated in our societies.  Only then can we have a mediocre life that is as long as they will allow and as productive as they need.

To my fellow citizens, keep up the good work but don’t be too happy about it.  The world is counting on you.


I live in the North Western US and winter rain and snow are the norm this time of year. However, this year the story is snow in the mountains around LA. In the West this year we are seeing a wet trend. How long will it last? I don’t claim to know but it makes the Global Warming argument interesting.

You may say that a local weather event doesn’t have any bearing on a Global debate. It is however the proponents of the “Crisis” that will go around pointing out every warm spot and blame Global Warming. At the same time they will ignore low temps or record rainfall. So I thought why not point out some of the weather news that doesn’t fit the Global Warming template. You see, it is known that we can expect a gradual increase in temps over hundreds of years. We have the geological evidence to back up the conclusion that we are coming out of a mini-ice age. What we don’t know is when this trend will stop or if it will stop in the foreseeable future. We don’t know because we don’t understand the whole picture of what changes climate on a Global scale. Instead, the basic premise that the proponents use is to say ‘What if we are the cause and making small changes to our lifestyle could save the planet?’.

I find this argument fascinating. It is a small sacrifice they are saying. Just a small expense or a few activities that are left behind. OK, that is a small price to pay but what are we buying. After this sacrifice the job is done, right? NO, then you just have to sacrifice a little more. Then when that is done, I’m sure you could sacrifice just a little more. It is the Irish family proverb, ‘There is always room for one more’. However, at some point you have given everything away. It is a new application of incremental-ism. By the time you figure out it was a waste of time, it’s too late and the little inconvenience has grown to by a big royal pain in the butt.

The problem with this whole Global Warming argument is that we cause it and that we can stop it. This is not a Hollywood movie. We can’t stop earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or large meteors crushing to Earth. We can’t pick up the planet and move it to a new destination in the Galaxy if our Sun gets too hot or too cool. Using 95 percent of the energy this year that you used last year won’t save the planet. IS it a bad idea to be efficient? No, it saves money and resources. That is a good enough reason to do it. If the ideas being touted for being more efficient are so weak that only fear mongering can get them even marginally accepted then they will fall by the wayside. Using bad arguments to sell an idea, no matter how good it is, can tarnish that idea for a long time.

If the planet is doomed because of Global Warming, then it is doomed. If Global Warming will, as a result of natural forces, eventually become Global Cooling then this debate was the real disaster.

Make the world a better place and clean up the litter of bad arguments you run across along the way.


Oh, don’t get me wrong. I appreciate what little we have received, but I was expecting more though. Global Warming is wonderful and all but it’s so slow. I mean come on, 1 degree in the last 100 years. I was expecting summer in December. Shorts weather from one end of the calender to the other. No luck. It’s winter and it’s still cold. It’s rainy and snowy and cold. I mean come on, where’s Global Warming when you need it. I know, coming out of an Ice Age, like we are, is a slow process. I understand that things like weather don’t change overnight. Yeah, I get it, I’ll just have to be patient and wait for all the benefits that come with lower power bills in the winter and a higher level of productivity in the winter. It’s just that they got my hopes up. I was hoping that I wouldn’t need to chain up in the winter and that working outside could be done comfortably in a tee shirt all winter.

If I were to go by the media reports on the subject, I would think that this winters are different they used to be. Their not. It is a normal winter and the last summer was like most any other summer. Weather conditions are so very rarely average. They are more or less or they are higher or lower in most any way you want to measure conditions on any given day, week, or month. That’s how we get to an average, by throwing all of these extremes into a pot and averaging them out.

Global Warming, where have you been all my life. At this rate, we’ll still be having cold winters for the rest of my life. Bummer, and I was hoping for some tanning weather this winter. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to bundle up and wait it out.


So according to the ‘special reports’ on the news lately it’s caused by Climate Change. Climate Change is the term used to avoid over using (too late) the term Global Warming. “it’s”, referenced in the sentance above, could be any perceived problem in society or nature.

In this case, it is the increase in the size and severity of wild fires in the West. Well, there are some interesting facts (oops, I used the f word) that are ignored (with great effort by the diligent media) in these Climate discussions.

  • Population Distribution
  • Logging Practices
  • Forest Management Changes

The media are all a dither about anything they can link to Global Warming or Climate Change. So the increase in the size of wild fires must be the result of the hypothesised 1 degree increase in temperatures in the West. It is also the result of a longer fire season, say the experts tauted by the media experts , who’s ability to fly to the Rockies and look good in flannel is truly amazing.

They are talking about the fires like they are unrelated to us, but only a result of climate. It’s at this point in the presentation that my hand is raised and the lecturer notices my questioning gesture with annoyance.

I, just a Western native who has spent more time in the woods than a media type spends in a taxi or hired car, wonder about other changes that have occurred in the West in the last 15 or so years.

For example, the number of homes built in rural areas has skyrocketed, as wealthy city folk find luxury bargains in the sticks.. These people are less knowledgeable about living near forest lands than the people who made up most of these residents in past decades. They therefore are not as savy about how to defend their homes from the threats of wildfire. They may, for example, built in places where it would be difficult to defend a home from a fire or they may leave trees or other foliage to close to their homes, so wildfire can easily spread to these homes.

These experts never mention how the US Forest Service is allowing very little logging. Areas that were logged in past decades, making natural fire breaks and clearing undergrowth from choked forests are now left to grow unchecked. We are a lightening strike or a deliberately set fire away from a mega-fire.

Forests are now preserved as gems rather than conserved as resources to be managed and utilized.

We also aren’t talking about another new trend that coincides with the increased size of fires. Intentionally set fires designed by arsonists to wreak maximum devastation. Or the accidental fires caused by the increasing number of people out in our forest lands who are ignorant of fire conditions or safety.

It’s not that Climate doesn’t contribute to fire danger, it’s that only one factor is talked about as a significant contributor to the problem. Global Warming!

News to fulfil a political agenda is not news, it’s propaganda.


The debate about Global Warming is fascinating in so many ways.

For the true believers it is frustrating because some people will not be convinced to accept the believers point of view.

For the skeptics it is frustrating because so many people are convinced to accept the believers point of view even while the evidence is so thin and the conclusions are so far fetched.

For the undecided it is frustrating because the politicians and other powerful people are using the issue for their own agendas. Making it very hard to distinguish between the truth and the lies or errors.

I guess for me, a known skeptic in general, I am most amused by the green movement people who are trying to squelch debate by talking of consensus as proof of their theories of Global Warming. If there is proof, then they should definitely point to it. To say, however, that the matter is beyond debate because so many have been convinced is a nonstarter. It makes me wonder what they know. Are they trying to stop debate out of fear that the data will reverse direction as it did in passed pursuits of great theories of the past.

This reminds me of a small lesson I learned in 5th Grade. All of the students sat in a circle facing inward. The teacher asked a question that required us to express an opinion. There were two choices. The teacher whispered in the ear of one student who immediately voiced an opinion about which was the right answer. Another student, who did not confer with the teacher, disagreed. The class was then asked to chose which was right. After a few minutes, the whole class supported the student who had conferred with the teacher. The teacher then asked if the fact that everyone chose the “more knowledgeable student” made that the right answer. Most said yes. The teacher tried to convince the lone student that they were incorrect. The student swayed a bit but stood her ground. The teacher asked again, does the fact that everyone else agrees the other student is right, make him right. Most said yes it did. Then the teacher let us know we were all wrong and the lone student was correct. Regardless of how many people come to a consensus, it does not prove that consensus is correct.

No matter how many people believe the Earth is flat, or that bumps on the skull can predict a persons personality (Phrenology), or that the “hole” in the ozone layer is getting worse each year and must be dealt with immediately or the Earth will be 😉 irreparably harmed. All of these theories were accepted and had something of a consensus about the respective theory. They were widely accepted and taught. To question or disbelieve made you a laughing stock. These theories also have one other thing in common. They were all disproved and discarded. Consensus is not proof. Anybody who tries to use that argument as a means to “win” the debate, has resorted to the tactics of the lazy or the unsubstantiated.

There is an arrogance that says, inside of the human mind, that we are better now than they were back then. We know so much more now, so we can’t be fooled by the data or our own prejudices again. I say however, that in the centuries to come there will be as many amusing abandoned theories for them to look back at in our time as there are in any other throughout history. Humanity is very consistent in its errors and weaknesses. That is a theory I would bank on.


Maybe you won’t Thank God for Global Warming this holiday but I hope you are thankful for a few things.

First of all, life does not have to be perfect for us to be thankful.  On an individual level we are normally pretty fortunate even in the hard times.  I can point to all kinds of obstacles in my life right now for example (financial, career, personal)  but on the upcoming holiday the purpose is to take stock.  Look at all the good things in our lives and take a moment to be thankful for that.  Those obstacles will still be there when we jump back into the daily grind.  The Thanksgiving for the Pilgrims was a time like this.  A celebration of good.  Hard-times still lay ahead for these people as they do for us and as they always will for people in the future.  I’m just thankful we have a time each year to pause and count up the good stuff and set the bad aside for a bit.

On a national or international level, the issues we are concerned about are still there.  Some people may not have this luxury.  There existence is too tenuous for reflection or celebration.  The concept may not exist in their culture.  It is a huge blessing to have the opportunity to celebrate a holiday like Thanksgiving.  It is a huge blessing to take that opportunity and focus for a day or two on the good in our lives and maybe share some of this with the less fortunate around us.

Regardless of where you come down on issues like Global Warming, I hope we can agree on one thing.  “Thank God for Thanksgiving.”  “Thank God for The Blessings in our lives.”

Have a great Thanksgiving  Holiday.



It’s a good question.  My gut/knee jerk reaction is, No.  But lets look at some bits and pieces of experience and such nonsense I use to come to that conclusion.

First, I live in the Pacific Northwest.  Logging has been part of life here since pioneers settled this region.  In the early days logging was done for materials and to clear land.  The resource seemed infinite to them.  Over time lessons have been learned.  As logging techniques and technology has improved the amount of harvesting we can do, the limited size of the resource started to become clear.  Where trees were harvested before and the forest left to regrow on it’s own, someday, now there are about 6 seedlings planted for each mature tree harvested.  The time frame is about two to three years for replanting a clear-cut.  Most of the trees harvested today are not the huge old growth trees that were harvested in the past.  Now most trees harvested are 35 to 50 years old.  They run 3 or 4 feet in diameter at the butt.  Many are even smaller than that, being 18 inches on the butt.  Old growth trees that are harvested are not in high demand.   They are harvested for the health of the forest overall.  They are not in demand because most mills have been retooled to handle small logs.  The big logs simply won’t fit.  This is the modern way of logging here.  It is based on harvesting trees from areas that have been replanted and will be replanted for a future harvest down the road.

The concern about deforestation is normally centered on the Rainforest’s of Brazil and other South American nations.  It is clear to me that there is a real problem with the way the forests are managed down there.  They are not focused on future forests to meet future demand, but only on the money they can make by cutting trees now.  The problem is a made worse because of slave labor practices by loggers there and the illegal cutting done by people only focused on the here and now.

Is it a real problem?  Yes of course.  However, in statements made by various people on the issue they seem to focus on stopping logging altogether.  Trying to work against all of that inertia in a goal like that will make the goals set up by environmentalists unattainable.  What we need is to push for good forest management.  It does not throw their economy under the bus and gives them a reachable goal of sustainable logging practices. 

In my experience, working within the limits of reason and common sense, makes a difficult goal much more attainable.  If the people want to make real change they (we) have to be realistic about what change we can shoot for.  The real problem lies first with the government and second with their culture.  It is not easy to change so much in a short time frame and I would say it will not change until they see the problems they are causing themselves.  By taking an adversarial tact on these issues, we are likely only to delay a change of heart rather than speed it forward.

All of that having been said, is logging causing Global Warming.  Well, if it is we are in real trouble.  You live in a structure of some type I would guess.  What should it be built of.  Cement, steel, or wood.  Two of those materials are mined, and nonrenewable.  One is renewable and sustainable.  Guess which one.  Next time it’s raining or freezing, try going outside for just one day and you will see why logging is important to your well being.  The United States is capable of supplying our economy with enough lumber and plywood to meet our demands and we have more trees in Oregon than when Lewis and Clark stopped by for a visit.  Logging can be done right and it can be done for the long term.

The amount of deforestation that has occurred is not insignificant but to say it is causing the temps to rise on a global scale seems a bit far-fetched.  Why is it when we see a problem that should be addressed, there is always some group who thinks it is a looming catastrophe of the highest magnitude.  Can’t the problem be of normal size with reasonable solutions on the table instead of the looming end of life argument.  This exaggeration is a technique designed to end debate.  Like the boy who cried wolf, it will be used too many times.  One day a real disaster may loom and we will ignore the warnings.  Instead of being an impossible problem to solve, it will be simple.  It might be ignored because of this kind of grand standing.  Does that prove that logging doesn’t cause Global Warming.  No.  But if it causes Global Warming the solution will be one type or another of suicide.  The assumption we should carry with us on such adventures is that life must go on.  If we can’t agree on that, we are not going to agree on any solutions.