Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

It occurs to me that there are many fans of Global…

It occurs to me that there are many fans of Global Warming.

Those who use the Global Warming hype to raise money and gain political power. They will use any data they can find indicating a fraction of a degree increase in temperature to get people in panic mode.

There are those who use the hype to put the screws to the businesses and the public at large. These are people who fear freedom and prosperity.

There are people who are sure things are going bad and need a crisis in their lives. We could call them the pessimists.

There are farmers who, at least in northern states, would benefit from a longer growing season. If you want a plant to flourish put it in a greenhouse.

There is most of humanity that has an easier time living in a warmer climate rather than a colder one. Increase costs of cooling in the summer would be offset by decrease costs of heating in the winter.

There is the majority of plant life that benefits from higher temps. Some plant life would be adversely affected but on the average it would benefit.

Overall Global Warming would be beneficial for the environment. The great ‘Chicken Little‘s of our time talk about great floods and massive storms which would cause huge loss of life and destruction. Aren’t these people the ones who say there are too many people and that we produce and use too much stuff. Sounds like Global Warming is the perfect solution. A win-win you might say.

One important point. The climate is always changing. It has been much warmer and colder before. Also it should be noted that the changes appear to be slow and small. Only the most radical proponents of fear are talking about catastrophe.

There is an old saying. Follow the money. Or in some of the cases we could change it to follow the ideology.

Enjoy life and be a good skeptic.


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