Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

The Heavy Burden of Being a Good Citizen

What wouldn't we do for our community or even more so the world as a whole?Certainly no price is too high.No request or demand to much for this noblest of goals.

Saving the Planet!

Let's just take a momment make a quick tally of what the cost of some of the 'small' demands of the movement.

First, don't have children. There are too many people in the world and people are causing Global Warming.

Second, live in smaller homes. They are more effecient to heat and lake up less propertyleaving more for nature. Better yet live in high density housing to redue your footprint on the planet.

Third, drive small fuel efficient cars instead of larger more comfortable vehicles. Better yet ride mass transit and don't own a car.

Fourth, eat a vegitarian diet avoiding meat as much as possible. Livestock give off greenhouse gasses and are less efficient to raise than plants.

Fifth, Don't engage in hobbies that use fuel or energy. Like riding motorcycles, boating, driving, or unnecessary travel of any kind.

If you follow these simple guidelines and pay 75% of your earnings in taxes, you have done your part to help stop Global Warming.

If you add up the cost you will find that they have asked you to give up the 'American Dream' to fight this 'Crisis'. It is my assertion that this is the real point of this movement. It is not about the environment at all. Just follow the money, watch the motives, and see who benefits.


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