Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

Global Warming Observed!

I guess I stand corrected, we have reliable observers that have hard data about Global Warming and the shrinking of the polar ice caps.  These observers also have the cause pin pointed.  There really is no point in arguing any more.  It has been confirmed by hard data.

Global Warming is real and its been accelerating for the last 3 years according to data collected by observers from NASA.  It looks like the fears were well founded, we are in a real crisis.

The leap I don’t get is how it could be man-made. 

You see the Global Warming is on Mars.  Shocking that both Earth and Mars are experiencing similar changes in climate.  What could possibly cause that.  Lets see what is the common denominator.  Industrialization, nope.  The Martians never did catch on to that, although they do have flying saucers, right!  So maybe the cause is air traffic.  Don’t think so.  Could it be Star Wars or maybe Star Trek.  Okay I’ll stop.  It’s the Sun.  It is so surprising that the Solar System’s main source of heat and light would be the cause for Global Warming.  On at least two planets.  Could it be a System wide crisis.  All we have to do is cool down the Sun.  Some people read that and think ‘yeah we could do that’.  The Sun is about a million times larger than the Earth. We can’t even make anything that can get close much less ‘land’ on it.  Instead of fooling ourselves into believing we are god why don’t we just face the fact that it was made that way.  It always gets cooler and warmer.  Blame God, but quit thinking your smarter than He is.

Here is a link to the story.  Mars!

 Don’t buy the fear mongering.



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