Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

The carbon debate.

Scientists have been debating the carbon cycle for many years.  The question is, is the data showing higher CO2 levels a result of human activity.

In all observations CO 2 levels fluctuate quit a bit with the seasons.  There have been measurements from air trapped in ice that shows much lower concentrations of CO2 in the last 1000 years.  The problem is that all of this data has problems. 

Air trapped in ice could react over a period of 1000 years.  CO2 is very reactive.  The measurements most commonly cited are from Mauna Loa from 1958 to the present.  According to some scientists this observatory is relatively close to Kilauea (the most active volcano on Earth).  Volcanoes are a major source of CO2. 

The observer there, Dr Charles D. Keeling, says that he deleted data when the volcano was especially active.  These measurements were supposed to be taken in an isolated place where the CO2 level would be close to a baseline for the mix in the atmosphere.  It sounds more like an excuse to live in the Hawaiian islands.  Who could blame them. 

Even if the evidence they bring is accepted, it shows a steady rise in CO2, while the human causes of CO2 emissions have grown exponentially in that time.  The fact is that CO2 is natural and the natural sources dwarf human sources. 

Not only that but if the Sun is the source of Global Warming then the warmer temps could cause higher CO2 levels just like it causes higher H2O levels.  H2O which by the way is a much more effective ‘green house’ gas.

Consensus!  I think not.

Here is the link.  CO2

Skeptical or just plain a Doubting Thomas.



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