Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

Would you like some hypocrisy with that?

In this Global Warming debate media and activists are quick to blame any weather event on Global Warming.  Katrina would be a good example.  All those hurricanes in 2005 (15 Atlantic Hurricanes) were proof positive that Global Warming was truly a crisis. 

The fact that the Pacific Hurricane season was below average for the number of storms (2 major hurricanes) is ignored.  The additional fact that 2006 brought us only 5 hurricanes to the Atlantic is also ignored.  That same year the Pacific had 6 major hurricanes.  During this period the Pacific Ocean is apparently immune to Global Warming and since 2005 the Atlantic Ocean has had a miraculous recovery.

The fact is that the number of storms or hurricanes does not confirm or deny claims about Global Warming.  It does show how unpredictable weather and climate are.  It is rarely the average temperature.  weather is dynamic and cyclical.  Things warm and then they cool. 

If however we were to point out unseasonable cool temperatures in large sections of the country.  Or if we point out the additional rainfall in formerly drought ridden areas, those examples are not valid because they are simply anomalies for a short period of time. 

It is hypocritical to use evidence that supports an assertion you agree with and then ignore evidence that contradicts the desired outcome.  The Atlantic Hurricane season in 2005 was tragic.  There  have however been bigger storms and possibly bigger years for hurricanes before we were here to keep records.  So lets get off this idea of how Global Warming caused these storms.  It really hurts the debate.  I for one can’t continue my argument when I’m laughing hysterically at such silly hypocrisy. 


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