Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

What If?

What if the observed temperature increase we have seen reverses itself? 

Will the solution for the ‘new’ pending crisis be reduction in CO2 emissions?  Will it be necessary to increase regulations on business and reduce the selection of products for the consumer?

Is America going to be to blame for the new crisis in the environment?  Will the proponents be asked about and held accountable for their erroneous hypothesis?

If the evidence showed a reversal in the trend, the solution would be the same.  Increase taxes.  Increase regulations.  Make it harder and more expensive to offer products in the market place.  Make it more expensive to operate motorized products by consumers.

The agenda of the Global Warming movement is about change in the American way of life not the Environment.  Every environmental problem can be solved by cramping the American way of life. 

The fact is that the solution to any environmental problem is PROSPERITY.  Environmentalism is a luxury.  It can not be afforded by poor nations.  Therefore, the environment does, has, and will benefit from advances in technology.

Example, Nuclear power.  Once maligned by environmentalists, it is now the world’s cleanest and most efficient source of power.  New technology developed in Europe makes recycling of Uranium fuel worthwhile.  The reactors are impossible to overheat and cause ‘China Syndrome’ melt downs.  Environmentalists sought restrictions and the near abandonment of nuclear power in this country.  Research and development led to new technology and we were left out because of the fear mongering from the environmentalists. 

They wanted damns and solar and wind power.  Now wind turbines kill too many birds.  Damns kill to many fish.  Yes and the chemicals used in solar panels, like arsenic and plastic, will likely be next. 

We have to learn from the past.  Environmentalism as it currently exists is more of a hindrance to a cleaner environment than industry.  I don’t mean the person who is cleaning places up where litter  exists or who tries to have a smaller negative impact on the world around them, I mean the BIG environmental organizations that try to shape policy and public opinion.  To often they are wrong.  Progress is not the problem, it is the solution.

When watching a movement, it is very important to ask yourself what the real motives are.  Then make a decision about what you will support based on that rather than just what they say they want to change.

Skepticism is no threat to the truth.



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