Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

Those of little faith!

Global Warming.

When looking at any theory, or belief system we find people of varying degrees of faith in that idea.  Global Warming is no different. 

We can look at a few sets of temperature data and see some interesting facts.  The many different conclusions drawn from those facts are where we see the differences in people’s faith. 

Some draw detailed conclusions with catastrophic changes to the environment being the the center piece.  These results either feed their agenda or their pessimism.  Their faith is totally invested in a dark future with little hope for survival.  It takes very little data to convince these people that the worse case scenario is going to come true.

Others have a less catastrophic view but still call for changes to society that are going to have large effects on society over the coming decades.  Their view is more realistic.  The sky is not falling it’s just turning gray.  They wish to change society more than save the environment.  Their views are more pragmatic and more threatening to our way of life because they sound more reasonable.  Their faith is not as strong in catastrophe.  It simply is a means to an end.  When the data stops supporting the theory at hand they will move to another theory useful to their agenda.  Example: The Ozone Hole.  They dropped that like a red hot poker when the data showed it disappeared.

People get told about the theory, the looming catastrophe, the consensus, and begin to believe in what they are told.  The agenda moves forward and society changes.  The data falls away, the theory is abandoned and people are stuck with ‘solutions’ that are expensive and sadly unnecessary.

It pays to be skeptical and pay attention to the agenda.


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