Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

God is in Control!

About half the people who read the title of this post are probably wondering ‘Are you allowed to say that?’. 

In talking to people about Global Warming, I am surprised at how easy they accept the line sold by the proponents of the theory.  There is no skepticism, no research, and no doubt.  We are talking blind faith.

Talk to these same people about God and many will shake their heads and look at you like you are a simpleton who should be pitied.

This fasinates me.  People are willing to put their faith in the politician who they know lies about every issue on the table to get elected. Likewise they will continue this behavior to increase the budget and our taxes. 

God who made it all and manages it all is impossible.  Scientist keep saying over and over ‘ There has to be life on other planets because there are so many planets.  This accident has to have happened somewhere else.’  What if it’s not an accident but a plan. 

You don’t have to accept that argumment to discount the theory on Global Warming being sold by media, celebs and politicians.  My point is that there is more evidence supporting the existance of God than there is to prove Global Warming is caused by mankind.

Any theory that can not stand up to skepticism is not a scientific theory.  It is an article of faith.  It is a religon.



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