Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

Let’s make the world a better place

Who can argue with a sentiment like that.  I think any person who has a goal like this has their heart in the right place.  So how many ways can we accomplish this.  Certainly more than we can count. 

Some people volunteer in their community or donate to groups who work in the community to help people who need it.  This decision is as personal and varied as any other we make.  It is one I respect and appreciate.  So when I read a blog about someone trying to improve their world, I let them know how much I appreciate the effort.  This holds true even when I disagree with the person’s world view.  It holds true when they are trying to solve a problem that I don’t think is a problem.  I still respect that their motives are pure.  These people are not a threat to life as we know it. 

I do wish sometimes that they were as skeptical of governments as they are of businesses.  Politicians and bureaucrat’s take good intentions and use them to increase their own power.  Anytime an issue becomes a political football, finding a solution is nearly impossible.  A discussion about the facts takes two sides that are willing to share and listen.  Unfortunately, the discussions turn into personal attacks and demagoguery.  It happens on both sides, and is a result of the politically charged nature of the debate.  The fact is that there are people on both sides who are working to make their world better.  There are also people, especially leaders of various movements and politicians who are only in the debate for their own agenda.

Regardless of which side of the debate you are on, all I can ask is to set aside prejudices and debate the facts.

My belief about the Global Warming agenda is that it is being used by people to increase government power and decrease opportunity’s in our society.

I also believe that an increasing global temperature is beneficial in many ways that are ignored.

I believe Global temperatures will go up and down in a cyclic manner over a  period of centuries or millennia.

These beliefs are not strange ideas but conclusions drawn from the examination of evidence. 

You may disagree based on your own examination of the evidence.  I just hope you don’t disagree because some politician told you differently, or because some celeb said so.  Even scientists are not immune from having an agenda.  Any scientist that does not embrace genuine skepticism is not being true to the ‘Scientific Method’.  I really hope you don’t disagree because of my beliefs or affiliations.  I hope you have your own ideas.  Then we have the basis for a good debate.

Skepticism is not the same as criticism.  Skepticism just requires evidence and asks questions that demand to be answered.  Skepticism looks at agendas and arterial motives.  Skepticism can not be bullied or ignored.  Skepticism is the responsibility of the free.  Skepticism is the guardian of liberty.  Skepticism can only be answered with the truth.

Be skeptical and engage in the debate,



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