Thank God for Global Warming!
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Solution to a serious problem

Imagine a Hollywood movie with a crisis looming that threatens life as we know it. 

The world’s greatest minds get together to make a strategy for solving the problem.  They come up with a list of ideas, some radical and some ridiculous.  They don’t limit themselves because of the seriousness of the problem.  It’s critical that a solution is found.  After this brainstorming makes a long list.  The great thinkers shave that list down to a manageable size by eliminating the impossible and the exorbitant.  What is left is the best solutions they can come up with.  They will have to pick one or two and begin the process of implementing the plan.

The question I have is, would one solution to the problem of *********  in the world be to increase the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.  This would make the planet more ideal for plant life, making plants more productive and increasing the yield per acre in farmland. 

Another possible solution for ********* would be to find a way to increase the global temperature by a few degrees over a period of decades or maybe a century.  This would increase the atmospheric capacity for water vapor, thereby increasing potential precipitation.  Although the location receiving this precip would be hard to anticipate.  Another benefit of this solution would be the decrease in human mortality because of warmer conditions around the planet. 

If the problem were ********* instead of solving Global Warming, would Global Warming be the solution.

Can you guess what this problem is?

Those looking for solutions to environmental problems may be making bigger problems for humanity  if they could change the conditions around our world.  Not to worry, many aren’t really trying to change the environment, they’re trying to change society and make themselves feel better about themselves in the process.  Others are buying the argument that we can change the global temp by living a smaller, more poor lifestyle.  The fact is that prosperity will allow the technology that will really change society for the better.  As it always has.

Example:  Go back in time to anywhere in the world where people lived 200 years ago and you find a simpler life.  Most modern technology is erased.  The cities were a place of filth.  Whether it is coal for heat, or open ditches for sewers.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  Sanitary food was nonexistent without plastic wrap and trays, or refrigeration.  Chemicals to create clean surfaces and stainless steel for food prep.  The list could go on and on.  We take a lot for granted.  You only have to visit the third world to see how technology can improve the environment and conditions for humanity.  Technology and prosperity go hand in hand.  Lets not kill the goose that lays the golden egg. 

Be skeptical,



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  1. Great post, very smart and communicated gracefully.

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