Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

Good News, Bad News!

What a wonderful bit of news we saw this week.  The good news is that the ice in the Arctic is forecasted to recede so much that there will be a summer passage for ships between the Atlantic and the Pacific by 2070.  This will allow cheaper, faster transportation of goods around the world.  Good deal.  Better for consumers, producers, and for the environment.

The bad news?  According to the great scientific mind of Al Gore, the sea levels will rise by 20 feet and by 2050 the Arctic could be ice free in the summer.  These changes, according to Mr. Gore, will result in the extinction of a million species and 300,000 human deaths a year.  Droughts and heat waves will be longer.  Wildfires will be more damaging and more frequent.

One way to be sure something is not going to happen is to get a forecast that says it will.  This is especially true in the areas of weather and climate.  The forecast in the AP  story is less dire than that made by the hysterical politician and flim-flam-man Al Gore.  Both, however,  make assumptions that temperatures will increase forever with no reversal as a result of climate or solar changes.  With these prediction we can forecast that Earth will become a new sun at some convieniently distant point in time. 

The fact is that temperatures have increased over the last few decades.  My first reaction to this fact is, good.  I would rather wear shorts.  My second reaction is, good.  I would like to have a vacation home in Alaska where I can wear shorts.  Okay, I mean without the looks of incredulity.  My third reaction is, huh?  You mean I can reduce my energy consumption by 20 or 30 percent and stop the temperature of the Earth from increasing.  My fourth reaction is, stop.  If we all die at 12:15 tomorrow, and our corresponding energy consumption drops by 100 percent, the Earth will not cool unless it would have anyway.  It will just stink for a few months until the bacteria does its job.

This latest environmental push reminds me of how a ship’s captain dealing with a tribe of natives would use his knowledge of an upcoming eclipse to make himself seem powerful to the natives.  If these con-men can get society to buy their bull and temps start to drop in five years, they will claim credit for ‘Saving the Planet’.  We can pay them a tribute and hand over our daughters for there ‘Good Works’. 

The fact is that their data shows the increases don’t coincide with development or reduce as Europe, for example, has willingly donned the harness of environmental restriction, regulation, and taxation.  It is chilling to think that adults have bought into this idea that a small reduction in consumption will affect global temperatures.

If we want to put a real stop on pollution there are some very simple things we can eliminate right away.  The effect will be huge and it may truly ‘Save the Planet’.  We need to put draconian restrictions on the production  and the existence of certain products in our society.  The troubling products include but are not limited to: lawyers, politicians, scientists, professors, …!

We know when we are over-stocked in one of these products when they leave the area of their own profession and start having to look around in far reaching areas of society for something to do.  When profs are preaching instead of teaching, when scientists are scarring instead of studying, when politicians are selling instead of representing, when lawyers are advocating against society instead advocating for a client, there are too many.  We need to fight ‘Global Hypocrisy’ by cutting back on ‘Professional Pollution’.  The benefits to society are too many to list.  I can tell you, you’d breath a lot easier.  Amazing how getting a few hundred pounds of dead weight off your chest will do that.

If you aren’t skeptical now, you’ll be sorry later.



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