Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

The Truth is often Inconvenient!

If you randomly pick a celebrity or politician you have good odds on picking a person who supports the movement to combat Global Warming.

They talk of conserving, or restricting, or taxing to ‘Save the Planet’.  They participate in events to raise consciousness and bully support for the environmental movement.  They can easily afford the costs and their staff can shoulder the burdens.  They often don’t make the sacrifices they encourage others to make.  They have more square footage per person, including staff, than the average family has total in their homes.  They fly on private or chartered jets that burn more in fuel than most people make in a year.  They live in the lap of luxury while selling the average Joe on the burdens of ‘being environmentally friendly’ .  A burden that may require an extra part-time job to pay for. 

Many of these celebs and politicians will allay their guilt over their waste through the purchase of carbon-offsets.  Thereby showing how pure they are.  Offsets are sold by companies that calculate the carbon footprint for a type of consumption.  The celeb then purchases an offset to equal their sin, or emissions.  They don’t cut back at all, but simply pay a fee for their sin.  It is like the indulgences sold by the Catholic church several centuries ago.  A parishioner would buy an indulgence for a planned bit of sin and would be promised absolution through that purchase.  The Church came up with the scheme as a way to raise money.  So then the companies take the money paid by enviro-sinners and invests in environmentally friendly companies.  The enviro-sinner goes on with their lavish lifestyle and the company has an investment that will grow over time.  Environmental absolution. 

A good example is Al Gore.  He gets to buy his own carbon-offsets from his company, Generation Investment Management (GIM).  These offsets are investments held by the purchaser, normally for the long-term.  In the short-term they are expected to lose money.  However, in the long-term they make money.  Meaning that the carbon-offset can produce a profit rather that costing the ‘sinner’ anything.  For Al Gore, he gets to benefit from his own offsets and profit from those of others.  No wonder he is such a champion for the environment.  Here is a link to a story about this.   Hypocrisy on Parade

As usual, follow the money.  Some people will do and say anything for it.  It would be a shame to pay the price for somebody else’s worthless scheme  That by itself is a good reason to be skeptical,



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