Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

Thank God…

No one is happier about Global Warming than me.  I prefer wearing shorts anyway. 

Well, maybe one person likes Global Warming than me.  Al Gore. 

Thanks to the catastrophe looming in the future he has an Academy Award and now a Nobel Peace Prize.  He is truly idolized by the Left for his efforts to get the word out about the climate. 

Al Gore lives the life of Riley because he has been such an important tool in the effort to get you and I to live the life of drudgery they say is needed to ‘Save the Planet’.

No one else has done more or been as effective a hypocrite in the war on prosperity.  I wonder if this is a cover for the failure of the war on poverty.  They can finally withdraw the troops in this war because they can claim it would be better for the Planet to leave them where they are.  In fact in the new war we need to get nearly  everyone into poverty. It’s just the ‘right thing to do’.  

Maybe we can’t handle prosperity.  Only smart people like King Al can.

It makes me sick to think how many people follow blindly behind the pied piper of environmentalism. 

If the US is the cause of Global Warming and our prosperity is such a problem, then we  need to stop the rest of the world from prospering. 

I think prosperity is viewed as a threat by these people.  Doing well and having extra money and resources is the problem, yet it is this prosperity that allows us to be able to afford the luxury of environmentalism.  Without this prosperity people around the world can’t make the improvements we have in the last few decades.  Many parts of the world are gaining more and more wealth.  Increasing their standard of living and improving their world.  This is the hope of all mankind for saving their world and living a better and longer life.

Thank God for Global Warming because it is the best thing for us, all of us.  Better climate, more desirable and easier to live in.  Better for plants and livestock.  Better for people and the planet.  Be thankful, not fearful.



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