Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

Blog Action Day

This is the day for change through blogging. 

Well, I enjoy blogging.  I even enjoy the blogging of people I disagree with.

In looking at what is correct behavior for the environment, I am a little disappointed.  There is nothing wrong with the actions I read about but it seems so anemic.  I am one who does not think that Global Warming is a catastrophe at all.  I believe it has happened before and will happen again as part of the normal patterns of climate in a dynamic and complex system such as what we have here on planet Earth.

If the people who are afraid for the planet think doom is in our near future, then shouldn’t the actions be more all encompassing.  On a larger scale perhaps.  What about shutting down all power plants during the nights during spring and summer.  Making batteries illegal.  Make a foodstuff that is nutritional but simple and make it mandatory all the time except on your birthday when you can have a chocolate cupcake.  In fact according to the Nobel Peace Prize Winner Al Gore, we are the cause of this change and it is a bad thing to have happen.  Ultimately Humanity should jump off a high cliff and put an end to this torture of the planet. 

For me in examining an issue I think examining the extremes can tell us a lot about what the range of possibilities are for a solution.  In my extreme example, would this drastic solution end Global Warming?  Or would the world go on as if we were never there and continue warming in spite of our premature departure.  In honest reflection on this issue I think one has to consider the possibility that nothing would change.  So when we compare the small changes that people make and consider what we are told is a huge problem, I have a bit of a problem with the relative scale of the two.  Problem vs Solution.

I’m all for making the world a better place, but I think many of the things people do have more to do with making themselves feel like they are doing something good and important.  Nothing wrong with that.  In that same category of good other people put similar amounts of time into helping poor, abused, or disabled people.  There are efforts to improve communities by providing or modernizing water supplies.  Educating the disadvantaged.  Inspiring the hopeless.  These efforts improve the world also but they may not be as in vogue as saving the Planet.

Each of us will have different callings and interests.  I just wanted to plant a seed of thought about the purpose of our efforts.  And the changes we can spawn.  Today on Blog Action Day, I would suggest that there is more than one way to better the planet than just the Green way.



2 Responses to “Blog Action Day”

  1. Thank you for your participation in BAD, if only to make us think.

    Tell me if you think this post is extreme:


    You can find it at:

    Your blog seemed like the right place for sharing this post. This is about something that is happening, whether you believe in man-made global warming or not.

    Anything that you can do to share this link or help promote awareness of this issue will be greatly appreciated. Normally, I don’t ask for this kind of help, but the issue is that important to me.

    Thank you!

  2. Thanks Kermit for the comment and the info you shared.

    I went to your site and read the entire article you wrote and appreciate your sentiment and the points you make there.

    I do not think your points are extreme or without merit. I often make decisions about whether to by a product based on where it comes from. For example, I was very disappointed when the US granted Most Favored Nation Trade Status to China. The use of slave labor, the countries attitude toward individual rights, and the persecution of Christians and other faiths being my problem with dealing with that country.

    I was unaware of the problems with laborers being conscripted in the way you describe in Brazil. That is something we rightly should consider when buying any import. I will do some reasearch on the subject and will be approprately affected by those results.

    On the subject of deforestation I would break this down into two parts.

    First, the government of Brazil is doing a poor job of managing these forests if they are not working toward a sustainable plan of harvesting desirable forest products. It again comes down to the government being poorly run and short sighted. I would like to see them worked on by other governments who employ these techniques so they can be convinced of the benefits of the long view.

    Secondly, living in the forests of the Northwest, I slightly disagree that the rainforest is irreplaceable. The trees being harvested can be replaced and the areas available can be replanted for future demands. Some of this land is being cleared for development or for farmland. These lands are not going to be producing rainforest but will benefit the people in other ways. I am not one who believes replanted lands will be the same as the original or that the original old growth should all be harvested. It should be part of a plan however and that sounds like the missing ingredient, or at least one of them.

    The ‘Save the Rainforest’ crys of the past are a problemin trying to get this message out today. I would point to that movement as an example of why we need to demand more from the ‘preachers’ of environmental calls to arms. Crying wolf too many times will result in the deafening of the audience to real problems that can be fixed. This is the purpose of my sight. To expose the erroneous claims of a political movement masquarading(likely misspelled) as an environmental one.

    I appreciate the fact that you shared these points here and that you did so in a constructive way. I will look further into this with some research of my own and will be happy to do a post about my ideas and conclusions.

    I will be in touch after I’ve dug a bit.


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