Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

Why debate, when we can solve.

The debate on various political issues is a hobby of many who take one side or the other about a particular issue.  The debate becomes about who is right and wrong.  Neither side gives ground and especially those in politics use the issue to motivate their base and define themselves.  The issue falls by the wayside while we are all a dither about where people stand on the issue.

Global Warming is one of those issues.  I am obviously on one side of this issue.  I believe it is more about political power than about the environment.  When I go there, those who really are concerned about the environment and really do things in their lives to help make it better will bring up good points worthy of consideration.  My point is that we have the technology and know-how to grow the economy, improve our standard of living, and improve our environmental impact.

One area where this can be demonstrated is in the area of oil supply.  It is a legitimate concern that oil supply will dwindle in the foreseeable future.  I say, the technology will fill this gap.  They say, we can’t take the chance.

Fine, then I will prove it.  A discovery a few years ago allows us to make a crude oil from pig manure.  From this crude a diesel can be made.  It should be noted that human feces are chemically similar to that of pigs.  Largely, pig and human waste are a problem to get rid of rather than a product in short supply.  It could be a win-win.  Eliminate the waste and make fuel for heating and transportation.

This is the kind of innovation that will make a dwindling oil supply irrelevant to our needs for fuel.  We can apply this lesson to many of the problems we debate.  And I don’t mean just in the environment arena.  Problems can only be debated for so long.  At some point we have to start solving them.  Most of the time we can solve them if we put our minds to it.  Solutions that do nothing but get in the way of freedom and prosperity are not solutions.  We are better than that.

The problem I have with the Global Warming movement is that it is not a real problem.  Temperatures have been higher and lower in the past.  Why are warmer temps now a problem?  If it is a real problem, it is too big for us to solve. 

I would remind both of you who occasionally read these posts, (ha ha), Politicians rarely solve problems, they just talk about solving them.

Be skeptical, be wise, and expect better.



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