Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

Just Blame Global Warming

I was unhappy to learn the plight of so many people in Southern California this week.  Losing your home and most of your possessions is a tough row to hoe.  I was also sad to hear of the injuries and the firefighter who lost their life.  So many people being evacuated and worrying about their future.  My condolences to all affected.

I was not surprised by the occurrence of fires burning out of control during the Santa Anna’s.  It has happened before, though on a smaller scale.  The winds occur nearly every year.  They are not fun to deal with and effect many things in Southern California when they get going.  They did not pick up after Al Gore received his Peace award.  They have always been around as near as we can tell.  They have been around as long as people have been around to curse them anyway. 

So in the media we are hearing that the situation is being made worse or caused by…(imagine this, shocked was I) Global Warming.  If there is a catastrophe, blame Global Warming.  Fires, floods, wind, or lost elections.  Money wasted.  Crimes committed.  Yeah, Global Warming caused it. It’s like the Sunday cartoon where all the kids say ‘Not me’ to everything that happens in the home that is wrong, and the cartoonists has a ghost or imaginary friend labeled ‘Not me’ doing each dastardly deed.

When will people get tired of politicians who can’t do anything but play political games?  Surely they don’t really think we are going to buy this mollarky about blaming everything on Global Warming.  Will they?

If it works they will.  One thing politicians listen to is polls.  If people start holding them accountable for reckless accusations that have nothing to do with the crisis at hand then they will learn to butt out until they have something to contribute besides the sound of their voice when people are hurting.  This kind of useless grandstanding is a good part of what is wrong with government.  They can only point the finger of blame, not help anyone anymore.  We don’t have government to find a scapegoat for us, we have a government to take care of business that we need done.

Let’s not give them another free pass.  Any moron who stood up to cast blame toward Global Warming should be sent home ASAP to find out what it’s like to live outside DC.  Send someone else to do the job for a little while, until they start playing games full time instead of working to represent us.

Yeah be skeptical and maybe, when called for, be a little critical too.



2 Responses to “Just Blame Global Warming”

  1. Global warming and ADHD have this in common: a universal diagnosis diverting responsibility. Parents don’t want to be told they’re bad parents so they just say something is wrong with the kid. Politicians don’t want to be responsible for making good policy, so they get everyone thinking about global warming so they can raise taxes and invent ways to control people instead of being controlled by people (being responsible). It really is time for the pendulum to swing the other way–be a little too critical is right.

  2. Thanks Steph,

    I hope that the hacks, regardless of party, pay a little for this callous stunt. Yeah I know unlikely but I can hope.
    Thanks for the comment, its nice to know I’m not the only one who reads these. Meanwhile, let her swing and let’s see what happens.


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