Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

Following the Carbon Footprints

The other day I was out looking for wild game to hunt and found an alarming discovery.  You see when looking for game one technique is to look for tracks to see where the animals are moving.  What I found was appalling.  The places I had hunted for so many years before were obliterated by scores and scores of carbon footprints.  I had never noticed them before.  Now I couldn’t make out the other tracks because of the litter of carbon footprints everywhere.  I checked location after location.  Same story.  That made me think.  What are we doing to the environment? 

So I thought about carbon footprints.

I realised I had one.  We all do.  Then I thought about the environment.  Bear have a carbon footprint.  Deer, Elk, Cougars all have them.  Squirels have them.  Why?  Because they exhale, like us.  They don’t have as big a carbon footprint but they have one.  And their are a lot of squirels, for example.  To make matters worse, Deer and Elk eat foliage.  Meaning they have a multiplying effect on their carbon footprint.

Wow, what an Epiphany.  We have to save the environment.  Since we are the only species that is aware of the plight of the environment, then it is up to us to save it.  First, in order to reduce our carbon footprints, we need to reduce.  We need to reduce the population of animals on the planet by half in the next few years.  Next, we need to increase the number of plants on the planet.  Wait, I see a problem.  While plants consume CO2, they also Emmit carbon and hydrogen as part of the normal respiration.  Worse, when fallen leaves or needles decompose they produce methane.  A green house gas much more potent than CO2.  Well the answer is clear.  The problem is not man.  It’s life.  The only way we can save the environment is to eradicate the primary cause of it’s destruction.  Life!

Ridicules!  Yes, and so are the assertions of the Globalists.  Here is a link to an interesting article in Wikipedia.   Interesting how this article talks of cooler and warmer times than right now.  Larger effects on the Environment and yet it is all still here.  Even with Ice Ages and Warm Spells in the Arctic life goes on.  Think you are a responsible environmental person?  Then read this about our ice age history.  According to this article, land formations and continental positions play a huge role in Ice Ages.  And the most common condition of Earth historically is one without the great ice sheet’s we still have today.

Man Made Global Warming, Ha.  How about Man Made Global Hoax.

I’m not just skeptical about Global Warming but am down right fed up with it.

Science when does any scientific theory stand above debate and testing.

According to the Scientific Theory, NONE.

Science is about test and retest not about protesting a particular pet theory for ones own aims.

Science is knowledge and it is powerful but when it is used for propaganda it stops being science and starts being a means to an end.

There is a lot of history about science that has been ruined by those who have too much to lose.  It is the darkest side of what is an otherwise noble endeavor.

Please at least be convinced by the evidence you see with your own eyes and not the fear tactics of a political movement.

Be skeptical,



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