Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

The Rip VanWinkle Solution!

What to do to stop Global Warming?

 As I rise from bed this morning I wonder if I am contributing to the Crisis.

Did I leave the light on too long while trying to make my way to the bathroom without banging into something?

Probably so.  I should memorize the path to the bathroom so I do not need the light for this trip.

What about turning up the heat to warm the house in the morning?

Bad idea.  Let nature take it’s course.  Wear extra clothing and use exercise as a method for getting the blood moving in the AM.

Should I cook breakfast or eat a cold cereal?

Silly question, you should do neither.  Cold cereal is packaged in plastic and shipped long distances wasting precious resources.  Also by buying these products you will be giving incentives to workers who make the cereal to work longer hours, using more energy.  They will also make more money and that will be used to buy bigger homes and cars again wasting more energy.  Don’t get me started about  a nice hot breakfast of bacon and eggs with some hotcakes or perhaps a fresh trout with a cup of hot chocolate.  Out of the question.  You can go outside and see what’s growing in the surrounding area.  Maybe some mushrooms or wild vegetables.  Don’t give me any complaints about there not being anything in season right now or not knowing your edible mushrooms from the highly poisonous ones.  Worse case you can go without until dinner.

Dressing for work I wonder about what I could do to help the environment on this front. 

Dress in layers.  It will help you deal with varying temperatures and in the lower layers you can wear clothes from previous days.  By waiting a week or so to launder clothes and getting 5 or even 10 days wear out of them you save energy and time that you can spend teaching recycling or reduced energy consumption.

Traveling to work I already save, save , save.  No waste of energy here.  I find people going the same way I’m going and hitch a ride.  I had to invest in some protective clothing and some really good skates but I ride free nearly anywhere I need to go.

While at work, I notice some fringe benefits of my choices.  I have plenty of space in the office as it has been rearranged three times in the last few months.  Each change somehow increasing the area around me and findng new ways to fit more people into a small area on the other side of the office.  I let them know I feel guilty having so much more room than they have but they are adament about the changes being the right way to go.  It is nice to see we are all doing our part to reduce in our own way.

I have also found a way to conserve on lunches at work.  I graze on the lunchroom fridge.  I have certain rules of decorum I follow.  For example anything past it’s pull date is fair game.  It actually provides a benefit for all and I have only had to go home sick 3 time last month.  hitching on skates while holding down the nausea is challenging but a worthwhile experience.

Free time at home.  What to do?  I don’t watch TV.  Energy, you know.  I read until it gets dark then I head for bed.  Dinner?  Nah, I didn’t even notice I forgot it.  Getting used to being more responsible gets easier every day.

I have a lot of time to think, though since I’m in bed by 6:30 this time of year.  Can’t we do more.  If we really want to make a difference couldn’t we sleep 12 or 14 hours a day.  That would mean a lot less energy consumption.  In fact couldn’t the government just put us in a medically induced comma for a while, just to see if it would help.  We have got to do something drastic.  Yeah, that’s the solution, 40 years of sleep per citizen.  Wow! I’ve solved the whole problem, right here in bed.



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