Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

The Warning!

The warnings went unheeded.

The evidence was shown and explained but people would not listen. It was clear according to the studies of our most knowledgeable on the subject that action had to be taken and taken very soon. People, however, lived their lives the way they wanted to. They did not make the changes prescribed to avoid the catastrophe. They went on blind as a bat. You could talk to them and show them the evidence. Plead with them to try to make some small changes, hoping it would be enough. No, most would not hear of it. They were too caught up in their world and their possessions. They went headlong into oblivion, not even realizing it was disaster enveloping them when the end came.

Well, it saddens me to think of how useless their loss was. You see Global Warming was small compared to the real threat to mankind.


Yeah, that which humanity was trying to save is gone now, like an ember in the fire. It wasn’t the Earth that needed saving, it was humanity. Sadly the price was already paid, all they had to do was accept the gift. Noble to try and save a planet and all who live on it but they could not save even one of themselves. Maybe too many superhero movies or something. Or maybe they thought because they could understand a little around them, they could control it all. I don’t know, but in the end it’s better to know then to think we know.

An illustration of the similarity between religion and Global Warming. In talking to people about the subject over the years, the knowledge of its certainty is complete and whole, even though the individuals knowledge on the subject is nothing more than regurgitated platitudes from the media or some celeb. The faith is amazing to behold, but I tell you the truth, the evidence supporting the Bible as true is far, far more expansive than that supporting the Theory of Global Warming.

My challenge for anyone investigating the theory. Check it out for yourself. Don’t rely on Conventional Wisdom to build your faith. You see for me, I listened to Conventional Wisdom about the Bible. How it was useless and full of contradictions. Until one day it occurred to me I did not know that to be true, I had just heard it. It took 9 years of investigating God for me to conclude what was the right path. 7 1/2 of those years were spent looking everywhere else but the Bible. Even after coming to the Bible it was 1 1/2 years before I knew enough to be sure that it was the Bible that was right. I found Conventional Wisdom to be wrong and found the Bible to be without contradictions. All other religious books I had investigated paled in comparison.

All I am saying is that Conventional Wisdom will often lead you astray. Look with an open mind at the evidence for yourself. You may find some startling facts.

Here’s to good old fashioned skepticism,



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