Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!


Is it a bad concept.  Is it a good concept. 

No, it is just a concept.  Necessary and yet dangerous. 

The key to control is another important concept, in fact maybe a couple of them. 

Balance and Freedom.

A society with only freedom is unruly and eventually unsafe.  A society with only control is oppressive and eventually tyrannical.

Balance is what makes it all work.  Finding that balance is not easy though. Society like the climate is dynamic.  Always moving one way or the other, passing balance on it’s way to the other extreme.  There are of course forces at work in any society that are willing to give up the oscillations around balance  and push toward and even beyond the extreme, to fulfill self interest at the cost of stability.  At the cost of control.  At the cost of freedom.  These forces are a genuine threat to civilization as we know it.

What wild talk.  What odd ideas.  What cynicism.

Are you suspicious of any group or organization?  I hope you are suspicious of something.  Otherwise you are the lamb being led to the slaughter.

You should be suspicious of all of them.  Because it is not ideology that corrupts the purposes of a group, it is its size and power.  Whether it is a religious organization, a political party, or political movement.  All are corruptible because they are run by people.  When these people serve their own self interests before those of the group they lead, then they are worse than of no value, they are a threat to the goals of the organization.  Even a threat to the organization itself.  If those who believe in the movement do not keep the goals and actions pure then at some point the hypocrisy becomes plain to all and often the organization is fatally injured.

We see this now in the Global Warming Movement.  The political leaders of the movement are exaggerating the predictions and in some cases making up catastrophes that are not expected to increase the alarm in the general populace.  They can reap the rewards of the extra attention they generate.  This will become evident in the future.  For those who look at the data we have available now, many conclusions touted by the movement are contrary to common sense.  This exaggeration and fabrication isn’t helping the environment,  Instead it is creating a ‘hand over our freedom mindset’.  If citizens looked at the costs vs the benefits they would flatly deny these expectations, but because they are ‘to save the planet’, they are revered as great sacrifices for the good of the planet.  The power of that emotional plee to over-ride logic and thought is what makes it so appealing to the power hungry.

It is not too much to ask for evidence supporting the claims of a government, or organization.  Accountability is not threat to a true heart, to a true motive.

We are not looking at the end of the planet or civilization.  The climate is changing very slowly.  The climate will continue to do this and has done it in the past.  The climate has not only been this warm before but far warmer.  Check sources about the history of our climate that are not part of a movement one way or the other.  Find your own sources and be objective.  It’s not too much to ask, for the good of society.  Before you get hoodwinked into giving our society away, be sure of what they are planning to do with it.  If you find out they were dishonest about the future only after you have given away the store you will only be able to stand outside and cry over the loss.  What a tragedy that would be, to only have your memory of being free.



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