Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!


Maybe you won’t Thank God for Global Warming this holiday but I hope you are thankful for a few things.

First of all, life does not have to be perfect for us to be thankful.  On an individual level we are normally pretty fortunate even in the hard times.  I can point to all kinds of obstacles in my life right now for example (financial, career, personal)  but on the upcoming holiday the purpose is to take stock.  Look at all the good things in our lives and take a moment to be thankful for that.  Those obstacles will still be there when we jump back into the daily grind.  The Thanksgiving for the Pilgrims was a time like this.  A celebration of good.  Hard-times still lay ahead for these people as they do for us and as they always will for people in the future.  I’m just thankful we have a time each year to pause and count up the good stuff and set the bad aside for a bit.

On a national or international level, the issues we are concerned about are still there.  Some people may not have this luxury.  There existence is too tenuous for reflection or celebration.  The concept may not exist in their culture.  It is a huge blessing to have the opportunity to celebrate a holiday like Thanksgiving.  It is a huge blessing to take that opportunity and focus for a day or two on the good in our lives and maybe share some of this with the less fortunate around us.

Regardless of where you come down on issues like Global Warming, I hope we can agree on one thing.  “Thank God for Thanksgiving.”  “Thank God for The Blessings in our lives.”

Have a great Thanksgiving  Holiday.



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