Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

Fire, Fire, Fire Everywhere!

So according to the ‘special reports’ on the news lately it’s caused by Climate Change. Climate Change is the term used to avoid over using (too late) the term Global Warming. “it’s”, referenced in the sentance above, could be any perceived problem in society or nature.

In this case, it is the increase in the size and severity of wild fires in the West. Well, there are some interesting facts (oops, I used the f word) that are ignored (with great effort by the diligent media) in these Climate discussions.

  • Population Distribution
  • Logging Practices
  • Forest Management Changes

The media are all a dither about anything they can link to Global Warming or Climate Change. So the increase in the size of wild fires must be the result of the hypothesised 1 degree increase in temperatures in the West. It is also the result of a longer fire season, say the experts tauted by the media experts , who’s ability to fly to the Rockies and look good in flannel is truly amazing.

They are talking about the fires like they are unrelated to us, but only a result of climate. It’s at this point in the presentation that my hand is raised and the lecturer notices my questioning gesture with annoyance.

I, just a Western native who has spent more time in the woods than a media type spends in a taxi or hired car, wonder about other changes that have occurred in the West in the last 15 or so years.

For example, the number of homes built in rural areas has skyrocketed, as wealthy city folk find luxury bargains in the sticks.. These people are less knowledgeable about living near forest lands than the people who made up most of these residents in past decades. They therefore are not as savy about how to defend their homes from the threats of wildfire. They may, for example, built in places where it would be difficult to defend a home from a fire or they may leave trees or other foliage to close to their homes, so wildfire can easily spread to these homes.

These experts never mention how the US Forest Service is allowing very little logging. Areas that were logged in past decades, making natural fire breaks and clearing undergrowth from choked forests are now left to grow unchecked. We are a lightening strike or a deliberately set fire away from a mega-fire.

Forests are now preserved as gems rather than conserved as resources to be managed and utilized.

We also aren’t talking about another new trend that coincides with the increased size of fires. Intentionally set fires designed by arsonists to wreak maximum devastation. Or the accidental fires caused by the increasing number of people out in our forest lands who are ignorant of fire conditions or safety.

It’s not that Climate doesn’t contribute to fire danger, it’s that only one factor is talked about as a significant contributor to the problem. Global Warming!

News to fulfil a political agenda is not news, it’s propaganda.


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