Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

Global Warming sure is cold!

I live in the North Western US and winter rain and snow are the norm this time of year. However, this year the story is snow in the mountains around LA. In the West this year we are seeing a wet trend. How long will it last? I don’t claim to know but it makes the Global Warming argument interesting.

You may say that a local weather event doesn’t have any bearing on a Global debate. It is however the proponents of the “Crisis” that will go around pointing out every warm spot and blame Global Warming. At the same time they will ignore low temps or record rainfall. So I thought why not point out some of the weather news that doesn’t fit the Global Warming template. You see, it is known that we can expect a gradual increase in temps over hundreds of years. We have the geological evidence to back up the conclusion that we are coming out of a mini-ice age. What we don’t know is when this trend will stop or if it will stop in the foreseeable future. We don’t know because we don’t understand the whole picture of what changes climate on a Global scale. Instead, the basic premise that the proponents use is to say ‘What if we are the cause and making small changes to our lifestyle could save the planet?’.

I find this argument fascinating. It is a small sacrifice they are saying. Just a small expense or a few activities that are left behind. OK, that is a small price to pay but what are we buying. After this sacrifice the job is done, right? NO, then you just have to sacrifice a little more. Then when that is done, I’m sure you could sacrifice just a little more. It is the Irish family proverb, ‘There is always room for one more’. However, at some point you have given everything away. It is a new application of incremental-ism. By the time you figure out it was a waste of time, it’s too late and the little inconvenience has grown to by a big royal pain in the butt.

The problem with this whole Global Warming argument is that we cause it and that we can stop it. This is not a Hollywood movie. We can’t stop earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or large meteors crushing to Earth. We can’t pick up the planet and move it to a new destination in the Galaxy if our Sun gets too hot or too cool. Using 95 percent of the energy this year that you used last year won’t save the planet. IS it a bad idea to be efficient? No, it saves money and resources. That is a good enough reason to do it. If the ideas being touted for being more efficient are so weak that only fear mongering can get them even marginally accepted then they will fall by the wayside. Using bad arguments to sell an idea, no matter how good it is, can tarnish that idea for a long time.

If the planet is doomed because of Global Warming, then it is doomed. If Global Warming will, as a result of natural forces, eventually become Global Cooling then this debate was the real disaster.

Make the world a better place and clean up the litter of bad arguments you run across along the way.


One Response to “Global Warming sure is cold!”

  1. Excellent post. After being sucked into worrying about Global Warming for a few years I got sick of the endless debate and the two sides really doing nothing other than yell at one another. I decided that living a greener lifestyle only made sense, both environmetally and fiscally. We’ve seen huge changes in costs of living and a added benefit of an organic garden, more critters around the houses, etc.
    Your points should be heard and followed on a larger scale, especially by the debaters. It’s similar to the war in Iraq. In the end it really doesn’t matter whether or not we should have invaded, we’re there now, now what? There will be no victory or solution to the war until we as a people move past that. Same with Global Warming.

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