Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

What Does Global Warming Look Like?

Here in the Pacific Northwest, Global Warming looks like this.
The effects of Global Warming in the Pacific NW

You see, weather here is a little unsettled most of the time. In April we normally are getting showers mixed with sun breaks. In the heart of winter we get storm after storm bringing us rain mixed with occasional snow storms. At the lower elevations we will have snow sticking about once a year or so.

This winter we had weeks of cold weather (below freezing) combined with heavy snow (here that is 6 in on the valley floor, much more in the mountains). It is just local weather though. Unless you are in the South or in the Midwest, where they have had very severe weather also.

Since the late 90s there has been a problem with the Global Warming Theory. It hasn’t been warming. Does that mean that Global Warming is not happening? No. The theory that Global Warming is increasing and caused by human activity is not holding up very well, however. The Zealots have been beating the doomsday drum with an increasing fervor that now is at odds with some of the recent data. It now appears that the warming may be ‘natural’ and following a cyclical pattern we have seen evidence of in our geological past.

Global Warming is likely occurring, as it has occurred before. We can expect a much warmer future. Before that comfortable future unfolds, however, we can expect weather to be what is always is.


It will get cooler, it will get warmer. When you talk to your grandkids about the weather of their past it will be a description of both warmer days and colder ones. Just like your grandparents can tell you of today about your past.

Weather is what it always has been. Consistent in it’s change.


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