Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!

We hear with every possible news event how bad things are caused by Global Warming.  If Global Warming is a long term trend, there are many benefits that will help humanity and the environment.  It may be that Global Warming will help alleviate starvation by increasing the amount of food we can grow per acre. 

Links to other sites with information about the benefits of an increase in global temperatures can be found on pages tied to this one on the left sidebar and in the blog-roll. 

I don’t think it is unreasonable to consider the positive aspects of these trends.  Change is always potentially scary but change is also how new possibilities become available.  Climate has always been dynamic on the long term and people, as well as the rest of creation, has either adapted or disappeared.  The alarmists act like everything is different because now they are here reporting on these changes.  The fact is that this world has gone on for many centuries and millenia without them.  It is complex and durable.  We should care for it well, but to think that we could effect the global temperature by one degree, and this is the humorous part, by spending more for light bulbs and sitting home instead of recreating and traveling. 

We may as well dig little six foot deep holes to solve the problem.  Occupy them by all of humanity and fill them in after ourselves.  Then, if anyone were around to investigate, this scientist could remark at wonder at how temps still are increasing.  Oh well, guess we were wrong.  It wasn’t mankind after all.  But would that scientist be even that honest with him or her self.  Doubt it.

Rather than panicking, I think we should take a serious look at the possible benefits.


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