Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!


Is it a bad concept.  Is it a good concept. 

No, it is just a concept.  Necessary and yet dangerous. 

The key to control is another important concept, in fact maybe a couple of them. 

Balance and Freedom.

A society with only freedom is unruly and eventually unsafe.  A society with only control is oppressive and eventually tyrannical.

Balance is what makes it all work.  Finding that balance is not easy though. Society like the climate is dynamic.  Always moving one way or the other, passing balance on it’s way to the other extreme.  There are of course forces at work in any society that are willing to give up the oscillations around balance  and push toward and even beyond the extreme, to fulfill self interest at the cost of stability.  At the cost of control.  At the cost of freedom.  These forces are a genuine threat to civilization as we know it.

What wild talk.  What odd ideas.  What cynicism.

Are you suspicious of any group or organization?  I hope you are suspicious of something.  Otherwise you are the lamb being led to the slaughter.

You should be suspicious of all of them.  Because it is not ideology that corrupts the purposes of a group, it is its size and power.  Whether it is a religious organization, a political party, or political movement.  All are corruptible because they are run by people.  When these people serve their own self interests before those of the group they lead, then they are worse than of no value, they are a threat to the goals of the organization.  Even a threat to the organization itself.  If those who believe in the movement do not keep the goals and actions pure then at some point the hypocrisy becomes plain to all and often the organization is fatally injured.

We see this now in the Global Warming Movement.  The political leaders of the movement are exaggerating the predictions and in some cases making up catastrophes that are not expected to increase the alarm in the general populace.  They can reap the rewards of the extra attention they generate.  This will become evident in the future.  For those who look at the data we have available now, many conclusions touted by the movement are contrary to common sense.  This exaggeration and fabrication isn’t helping the environment,  Instead it is creating a ‘hand over our freedom mindset’.  If citizens looked at the costs vs the benefits they would flatly deny these expectations, but because they are ‘to save the planet’, they are revered as great sacrifices for the good of the planet.  The power of that emotional plee to over-ride logic and thought is what makes it so appealing to the power hungry.

It is not too much to ask for evidence supporting the claims of a government, or organization.  Accountability is not threat to a true heart, to a true motive.

We are not looking at the end of the planet or civilization.  The climate is changing very slowly.  The climate will continue to do this and has done it in the past.  The climate has not only been this warm before but far warmer.  Check sources about the history of our climate that are not part of a movement one way or the other.  Find your own sources and be objective.  It’s not too much to ask, for the good of society.  Before you get hoodwinked into giving our society away, be sure of what they are planning to do with it.  If you find out they were dishonest about the future only after you have given away the store you will only be able to stand outside and cry over the loss.  What a tragedy that would be, to only have your memory of being free.



The warnings went unheeded.

The evidence was shown and explained but people would not listen. It was clear according to the studies of our most knowledgeable on the subject that action had to be taken and taken very soon. People, however, lived their lives the way they wanted to. They did not make the changes prescribed to avoid the catastrophe. They went on blind as a bat. You could talk to them and show them the evidence. Plead with them to try to make some small changes, hoping it would be enough. No, most would not hear of it. They were too caught up in their world and their possessions. They went headlong into oblivion, not even realizing it was disaster enveloping them when the end came.

Well, it saddens me to think of how useless their loss was. You see Global Warming was small compared to the real threat to mankind.


Yeah, that which humanity was trying to save is gone now, like an ember in the fire. It wasn’t the Earth that needed saving, it was humanity. Sadly the price was already paid, all they had to do was accept the gift. Noble to try and save a planet and all who live on it but they could not save even one of themselves. Maybe too many superhero movies or something. Or maybe they thought because they could understand a little around them, they could control it all. I don’t know, but in the end it’s better to know then to think we know.

An illustration of the similarity between religion and Global Warming. In talking to people about the subject over the years, the knowledge of its certainty is complete and whole, even though the individuals knowledge on the subject is nothing more than regurgitated platitudes from the media or some celeb. The faith is amazing to behold, but I tell you the truth, the evidence supporting the Bible as true is far, far more expansive than that supporting the Theory of Global Warming.

My challenge for anyone investigating the theory. Check it out for yourself. Don’t rely on Conventional Wisdom to build your faith. You see for me, I listened to Conventional Wisdom about the Bible. How it was useless and full of contradictions. Until one day it occurred to me I did not know that to be true, I had just heard it. It took 9 years of investigating God for me to conclude what was the right path. 7 1/2 of those years were spent looking everywhere else but the Bible. Even after coming to the Bible it was 1 1/2 years before I knew enough to be sure that it was the Bible that was right. I found Conventional Wisdom to be wrong and found the Bible to be without contradictions. All other religious books I had investigated paled in comparison.

All I am saying is that Conventional Wisdom will often lead you astray. Look with an open mind at the evidence for yourself. You may find some startling facts.

Here’s to good old fashioned skepticism,



The other day I was out looking for wild game to hunt and found an alarming discovery.  You see when looking for game one technique is to look for tracks to see where the animals are moving.  What I found was appalling.  The places I had hunted for so many years before were obliterated by scores and scores of carbon footprints.  I had never noticed them before.  Now I couldn’t make out the other tracks because of the litter of carbon footprints everywhere.  I checked location after location.  Same story.  That made me think.  What are we doing to the environment? 

So I thought about carbon footprints.

I realised I had one.  We all do.  Then I thought about the environment.  Bear have a carbon footprint.  Deer, Elk, Cougars all have them.  Squirels have them.  Why?  Because they exhale, like us.  They don’t have as big a carbon footprint but they have one.  And their are a lot of squirels, for example.  To make matters worse, Deer and Elk eat foliage.  Meaning they have a multiplying effect on their carbon footprint.

Wow, what an Epiphany.  We have to save the environment.  Since we are the only species that is aware of the plight of the environment, then it is up to us to save it.  First, in order to reduce our carbon footprints, we need to reduce.  We need to reduce the population of animals on the planet by half in the next few years.  Next, we need to increase the number of plants on the planet.  Wait, I see a problem.  While plants consume CO2, they also Emmit carbon and hydrogen as part of the normal respiration.  Worse, when fallen leaves or needles decompose they produce methane.  A green house gas much more potent than CO2.  Well the answer is clear.  The problem is not man.  It’s life.  The only way we can save the environment is to eradicate the primary cause of it’s destruction.  Life!

Ridicules!  Yes, and so are the assertions of the Globalists.  Here is a link to an interesting article in Wikipedia.   Interesting how this article talks of cooler and warmer times than right now.  Larger effects on the Environment and yet it is all still here.  Even with Ice Ages and Warm Spells in the Arctic life goes on.  Think you are a responsible environmental person?  Then read this about our ice age history.  According to this article, land formations and continental positions play a huge role in Ice Ages.  And the most common condition of Earth historically is one without the great ice sheet’s we still have today.

Man Made Global Warming, Ha.  How about Man Made Global Hoax.

I’m not just skeptical about Global Warming but am down right fed up with it.

Science when does any scientific theory stand above debate and testing.

According to the Scientific Theory, NONE.

Science is about test and retest not about protesting a particular pet theory for ones own aims.

Science is knowledge and it is powerful but when it is used for propaganda it stops being science and starts being a means to an end.

There is a lot of history about science that has been ruined by those who have too much to lose.  It is the darkest side of what is an otherwise noble endeavor.

Please at least be convinced by the evidence you see with your own eyes and not the fear tactics of a political movement.

Be skeptical,



What to do to stop Global Warming?

 As I rise from bed this morning I wonder if I am contributing to the Crisis.

Did I leave the light on too long while trying to make my way to the bathroom without banging into something?

Probably so.  I should memorize the path to the bathroom so I do not need the light for this trip.

What about turning up the heat to warm the house in the morning?

Bad idea.  Let nature take it’s course.  Wear extra clothing and use exercise as a method for getting the blood moving in the AM.

Should I cook breakfast or eat a cold cereal?

Silly question, you should do neither.  Cold cereal is packaged in plastic and shipped long distances wasting precious resources.  Also by buying these products you will be giving incentives to workers who make the cereal to work longer hours, using more energy.  They will also make more money and that will be used to buy bigger homes and cars again wasting more energy.  Don’t get me started about  a nice hot breakfast of bacon and eggs with some hotcakes or perhaps a fresh trout with a cup of hot chocolate.  Out of the question.  You can go outside and see what’s growing in the surrounding area.  Maybe some mushrooms or wild vegetables.  Don’t give me any complaints about there not being anything in season right now or not knowing your edible mushrooms from the highly poisonous ones.  Worse case you can go without until dinner.

Dressing for work I wonder about what I could do to help the environment on this front. 

Dress in layers.  It will help you deal with varying temperatures and in the lower layers you can wear clothes from previous days.  By waiting a week or so to launder clothes and getting 5 or even 10 days wear out of them you save energy and time that you can spend teaching recycling or reduced energy consumption.

Traveling to work I already save, save , save.  No waste of energy here.  I find people going the same way I’m going and hitch a ride.  I had to invest in some protective clothing and some really good skates but I ride free nearly anywhere I need to go.

While at work, I notice some fringe benefits of my choices.  I have plenty of space in the office as it has been rearranged three times in the last few months.  Each change somehow increasing the area around me and findng new ways to fit more people into a small area on the other side of the office.  I let them know I feel guilty having so much more room than they have but they are adament about the changes being the right way to go.  It is nice to see we are all doing our part to reduce in our own way.

I have also found a way to conserve on lunches at work.  I graze on the lunchroom fridge.  I have certain rules of decorum I follow.  For example anything past it’s pull date is fair game.  It actually provides a benefit for all and I have only had to go home sick 3 time last month.  hitching on skates while holding down the nausea is challenging but a worthwhile experience.

Free time at home.  What to do?  I don’t watch TV.  Energy, you know.  I read until it gets dark then I head for bed.  Dinner?  Nah, I didn’t even notice I forgot it.  Getting used to being more responsible gets easier every day.

I have a lot of time to think, though since I’m in bed by 6:30 this time of year.  Can’t we do more.  If we really want to make a difference couldn’t we sleep 12 or 14 hours a day.  That would mean a lot less energy consumption.  In fact couldn’t the government just put us in a medically induced comma for a while, just to see if it would help.  We have got to do something drastic.  Yeah, that’s the solution, 40 years of sleep per citizen.  Wow! I’ve solved the whole problem, right here in bed.



When people stumble upon my site they think at first that I am anti-environment or something.  If they read a little, some have seen that I am anti-Global Warming  Movement instead.  That is because I believe that the movement has a political goal not an environmental one.  Most people see the movement as trying to help the planet but in my view, the leaders have an agenda of increased taxes and bigger government with no concern about the planet.  That is why they have used the Global Warming movement, because it is so big that they can milk it for all the big government they want and not scratch the surface.

I tend to take a skeptical view of many theories and claims until I can see something tangible.  I look at motivations and results.  I am critical of the hypocritical and the opportunists.  I come down hard on those who can not look objectively at the data and the reality.

On the flip side I try to consider the arguments of the sincere and the concerned.  I think that trying to improve the world is a good and worthwhile goal.  I may not agree with every assertion or conclusion but appreciate the honesty with which it is presented.

We will for the purpose of this post be ignoring the fakers and focusing on a real problem we can address.  It was presented to me by a reader recently as a real political/environmental problem that he felt we should know about and respond to.  I researched the issue and though I did not go into a lot of depth I did find a lot of confirmation of his assertions.  So I can be reasonably sure he was correct in his concerns.

The concern is two fold.  Number one it involves slavery.  This is not the misrepresentation of a days wages being small compared to our standard of living like is done so often when some one wants to punish a big successful business.  This is people being coerced or tricked into going to work in remote locations only to find they are indebted to their employer and can not leave.  They may work for weeks, months, even years and get nothing for their efforts.  Trying to flee may even cost a person their life.

Number two it involves deforestation.  As you can imagine, on the face of it, this is not a huge concern for me.  I live in the Northwest.  The term has been used to describe logging here for decades, yet we have more trees now than when Lewis and Clark came to the territory so many years ago.  We plant 6 trees for each one cut down.  It is different in this troubled land, however.  This deforestation is a problem, or will become one in the next decade or so.  We are in Brazil and the deforestation is happening for different reasons in different parts of the country.  Near farm land it occurs to grow crops for export.  Soybeans for European livestock for example.  In remote areas it is the result of illegal logging done solely for short term profit.  Up to 80 percent of the logging is illegal.

Whether we are talking about the slavery issue or the wasting of a huge resource for the people of Brazil, the problem is a failure of their government to enforce the law and change behavior that is causing a great deal of damage to the future of the country.

The reader who contacted me, was trying to get the word out about  how most of the hardwoods from Brazil, cherished by upscale homeowners, were supporting slavery and uncontrolled deforestation.  I agree that people should know what it takes for them to get these products.  There are other options for beautiful hardwood and if the demand does not drop the motivation to continue will only grow stronger.

In the last few years, sellers of these hardwoods have been using a certification process to address the concerns of buyers. As it turns out, the certificates are not worth the paper they are printed on. There is no governing authority to insure that the products are taken without slave labor or that they are taken legally. The agency in charge has only a handful of inspectors and there is no indication that there is any pressure on logging companies to change their ways.

My goals and beliefs may differ from many who have been sounding the clarion call about this issue.  On slavery we agree, it is intolerable.  On the management of the forests we agree that the current system will leave the forest decimated.  The only differnce is that many of them may want to preserve the rainforest in total.  I on the other hand have a mindset of a conservation.  I think some of the forest should be planned for logging and in some way replanted for future logging.  Some rainforest should be preserved but not without some eye to changes in how it is managed in the future.  People should have access and it should be managed with the long view in mind. 

In terms of getting any changes made on these issues, it is an uphill battle.  It will take public pressure on US and European companies to back away from these practices.  The public would have to show their support by buying less of these products and letting the sellers of these products  know why they are not buying them.  The governments of Western nations would have to relate their concerns and offer the advice of our own experiences about sustainable logging practices.  All of this would have to take place over a long period of time.

It would be unlikely to change the minds of the Brazilians but I think people have to make choices about what they are willing to try to do.  This seems worthwhile if not difficult.  In the effort the Brazilian government may see the light.

This is at least an environmental concern that I see the point of and seems practical.  I hope you will look into this for yourself with an open mind.

I still say be skeptical but that can’t be an excuse to dismiss every concern that may show its ugly head.  Sometimes there is a problem.  And we can do something about it.



I was unhappy to learn the plight of so many people in Southern California this week.  Losing your home and most of your possessions is a tough row to hoe.  I was also sad to hear of the injuries and the firefighter who lost their life.  So many people being evacuated and worrying about their future.  My condolences to all affected.

I was not surprised by the occurrence of fires burning out of control during the Santa Anna’s.  It has happened before, though on a smaller scale.  The winds occur nearly every year.  They are not fun to deal with and effect many things in Southern California when they get going.  They did not pick up after Al Gore received his Peace award.  They have always been around as near as we can tell.  They have been around as long as people have been around to curse them anyway. 

So in the media we are hearing that the situation is being made worse or caused by…(imagine this, shocked was I) Global Warming.  If there is a catastrophe, blame Global Warming.  Fires, floods, wind, or lost elections.  Money wasted.  Crimes committed.  Yeah, Global Warming caused it. It’s like the Sunday cartoon where all the kids say ‘Not me’ to everything that happens in the home that is wrong, and the cartoonists has a ghost or imaginary friend labeled ‘Not me’ doing each dastardly deed.

When will people get tired of politicians who can’t do anything but play political games?  Surely they don’t really think we are going to buy this mollarky about blaming everything on Global Warming.  Will they?

If it works they will.  One thing politicians listen to is polls.  If people start holding them accountable for reckless accusations that have nothing to do with the crisis at hand then they will learn to butt out until they have something to contribute besides the sound of their voice when people are hurting.  This kind of useless grandstanding is a good part of what is wrong with government.  They can only point the finger of blame, not help anyone anymore.  We don’t have government to find a scapegoat for us, we have a government to take care of business that we need done.

Let’s not give them another free pass.  Any moron who stood up to cast blame toward Global Warming should be sent home ASAP to find out what it’s like to live outside DC.  Send someone else to do the job for a little while, until they start playing games full time instead of working to represent us.

Yeah be skeptical and maybe, when called for, be a little critical too.



The debate on various political issues is a hobby of many who take one side or the other about a particular issue.  The debate becomes about who is right and wrong.  Neither side gives ground and especially those in politics use the issue to motivate their base and define themselves.  The issue falls by the wayside while we are all a dither about where people stand on the issue.

Global Warming is one of those issues.  I am obviously on one side of this issue.  I believe it is more about political power than about the environment.  When I go there, those who really are concerned about the environment and really do things in their lives to help make it better will bring up good points worthy of consideration.  My point is that we have the technology and know-how to grow the economy, improve our standard of living, and improve our environmental impact.

One area where this can be demonstrated is in the area of oil supply.  It is a legitimate concern that oil supply will dwindle in the foreseeable future.  I say, the technology will fill this gap.  They say, we can’t take the chance.

Fine, then I will prove it.  A discovery a few years ago allows us to make a crude oil from pig manure.  From this crude a diesel can be made.  It should be noted that human feces are chemically similar to that of pigs.  Largely, pig and human waste are a problem to get rid of rather than a product in short supply.  It could be a win-win.  Eliminate the waste and make fuel for heating and transportation.

This is the kind of innovation that will make a dwindling oil supply irrelevant to our needs for fuel.  We can apply this lesson to many of the problems we debate.  And I don’t mean just in the environment arena.  Problems can only be debated for so long.  At some point we have to start solving them.  Most of the time we can solve them if we put our minds to it.  Solutions that do nothing but get in the way of freedom and prosperity are not solutions.  We are better than that.

The problem I have with the Global Warming movement is that it is not a real problem.  Temperatures have been higher and lower in the past.  Why are warmer temps now a problem?  If it is a real problem, it is too big for us to solve. 

I would remind both of you who occasionally read these posts, (ha ha), Politicians rarely solve problems, they just talk about solving them.

Be skeptical, be wise, and expect better.



This is the day for change through blogging. 

Well, I enjoy blogging.  I even enjoy the blogging of people I disagree with.

In looking at what is correct behavior for the environment, I am a little disappointed.  There is nothing wrong with the actions I read about but it seems so anemic.  I am one who does not think that Global Warming is a catastrophe at all.  I believe it has happened before and will happen again as part of the normal patterns of climate in a dynamic and complex system such as what we have here on planet Earth.

If the people who are afraid for the planet think doom is in our near future, then shouldn’t the actions be more all encompassing.  On a larger scale perhaps.  What about shutting down all power plants during the nights during spring and summer.  Making batteries illegal.  Make a foodstuff that is nutritional but simple and make it mandatory all the time except on your birthday when you can have a chocolate cupcake.  In fact according to the Nobel Peace Prize Winner Al Gore, we are the cause of this change and it is a bad thing to have happen.  Ultimately Humanity should jump off a high cliff and put an end to this torture of the planet. 

For me in examining an issue I think examining the extremes can tell us a lot about what the range of possibilities are for a solution.  In my extreme example, would this drastic solution end Global Warming?  Or would the world go on as if we were never there and continue warming in spite of our premature departure.  In honest reflection on this issue I think one has to consider the possibility that nothing would change.  So when we compare the small changes that people make and consider what we are told is a huge problem, I have a bit of a problem with the relative scale of the two.  Problem vs Solution.

I’m all for making the world a better place, but I think many of the things people do have more to do with making themselves feel like they are doing something good and important.  Nothing wrong with that.  In that same category of good other people put similar amounts of time into helping poor, abused, or disabled people.  There are efforts to improve communities by providing or modernizing water supplies.  Educating the disadvantaged.  Inspiring the hopeless.  These efforts improve the world also but they may not be as in vogue as saving the Planet.

Each of us will have different callings and interests.  I just wanted to plant a seed of thought about the purpose of our efforts.  And the changes we can spawn.  Today on Blog Action Day, I would suggest that there is more than one way to better the planet than just the Green way.



No one is happier about Global Warming than me.  I prefer wearing shorts anyway. 

Well, maybe one person likes Global Warming than me.  Al Gore. 

Thanks to the catastrophe looming in the future he has an Academy Award and now a Nobel Peace Prize.  He is truly idolized by the Left for his efforts to get the word out about the climate. 

Al Gore lives the life of Riley because he has been such an important tool in the effort to get you and I to live the life of drudgery they say is needed to ‘Save the Planet’.

No one else has done more or been as effective a hypocrite in the war on prosperity.  I wonder if this is a cover for the failure of the war on poverty.  They can finally withdraw the troops in this war because they can claim it would be better for the Planet to leave them where they are.  In fact in the new war we need to get nearly  everyone into poverty. It’s just the ‘right thing to do’.  

Maybe we can’t handle prosperity.  Only smart people like King Al can.

It makes me sick to think how many people follow blindly behind the pied piper of environmentalism. 

If the US is the cause of Global Warming and our prosperity is such a problem, then we  need to stop the rest of the world from prospering. 

I think prosperity is viewed as a threat by these people.  Doing well and having extra money and resources is the problem, yet it is this prosperity that allows us to be able to afford the luxury of environmentalism.  Without this prosperity people around the world can’t make the improvements we have in the last few decades.  Many parts of the world are gaining more and more wealth.  Increasing their standard of living and improving their world.  This is the hope of all mankind for saving their world and living a better and longer life.

Thank God for Global Warming because it is the best thing for us, all of us.  Better climate, more desirable and easier to live in.  Better for plants and livestock.  Better for people and the planet.  Be thankful, not fearful.



The concept is one we know well today.  The ‘socially conscious’ among us are often talking about ‘conserving energy’ as a means to helping the environment and specifically helping to curb Global Warming.

That energy they are conserving is electricity and fossil fuels.  Sounds good.  If I, an end user, conserve energy, it saves me money.  Many people are willing to modify behavior to save a little money.   For example, turning off unused lights.  Yeah, that saves money for the end user.  Well, not so simple.  Much of the prescribed change is much more expensive than the financial payoffs.  For example, it is an article of faith in the religion of ‘saving the planet’ to buy a hybrid.  Even though hybrids don’t pencil out on paper when you calculate the extra cost versus the fuel savings.  A person can buy a similar sized subcompact without all the hybrid technology and pay 2/3 the price.  They have a less expensive car with fuel economy close to a hybrid without the future problems with replacing batteries.  A major expense and a serious environmental concern.  The government gets involved and subsidizes some hybrids with a tax credit.  Without that subsidy the hybrid does not compete and either comes down in price or disappears. 

There are many examples of environmental prescriptions that are too hard to swallow.  From compact fluorescent light bulbs to rapid mass transit.  The costs far out-way the benefits.  In both cases subsidies give the appearance of increasing efficiency and reasonable costs.  Without the subsidies, the costs of both of these items and many in-between would make these perscriptions fade into nonexistence.  They simply can not compete.

All of the worst, or some would say the best, ideas to ‘save the planet’ are lacking the benefit of our economy.  What is the benefit of our economy?  Competition!  Through competition advancements are made.  Improvements are made.  Over time the competition eliminates poor or inefficient products and good solid products thrive. 

We have throughout our history looked forward and tried to guess what society would look like.  We have always been wrong.  Technology that we thought would dominate the future disappeared or never materialised.  Been driving your flying car or buzzing around with your jet pack lately.  Technology we over looked comes along and changes everything.  In the 1970’s, computers were an interesting and useless sideline that most people did not know anything about.  Now they are an essential part of everyday life for most people.  Whether it is your home or work computer or some other tool or device that uses a computer as part of its inner workings.

This short sighted devotion to old ideas of how our society should look is hurting the environment.  The real advances that give the benefits that people would gladly support may be retarded in their development because so many people want the final solutions from existing ideas and technology.  That is not how solutions are found.  That is how stagnation is bred. 

Our economy works because it is a lot like evolution.  I’m not referring the theory of how life was created or made diverse.  I mean the process by which good, useful genetic changes have an advantage and they are carried forward in more of the offspring, therefore becoming more common in the future.  Likewise, technology that has benefits to society and to the environment will prosper, while technology that supposedly benefits the environment but cost far too much or just doesn’t help,  will die away.  Through subsidy we are prolonging the lifespan of ‘dinosaur’ technology or plans that should have been allowed to compete and die a natural death.

What is the force that drives the ‘dinosaurs’ forward?  Greed and power.  In both government and business there have been investments made in these ‘dinosaurs’.  We are paying and will pay the price in the future.  Sadly, with little or no benefit to the environment.  The good gains will be forsaken for the status qua.

It’s not that conservation is a bad thing.  We see in the approach taken by any bureaucracy, however, that they conserve their effort and money at our expense.  We should be conserving energy alright.  Our energy.  Our earnings that go away in higher taxes or get wasted in stiffer regulations.  Our time that is used up by new chores and duties made up by officials that think that time is free and as abundant as the air they breath.  They say we should be recycling.  Spending our time sorting and hauling trash.  We should be waiting at the bus or train stop.  Giving up the freedom of our own vehicle that allows us to be efficient with our time as we see fit. 

The power of our society and our economy is that if there is a perceived benefit for the consumer they will pay someone else a profitable price for a new bit of technology that is developed to accomplish a given task.  Even if it is an old task that people would like done in a cleaner more efficient way.

My point is that the people who advocate these ‘dinosaur’ environmental changes do not understand or appreciate the power of our economy or our society.  If they did, their proposals would be geared toward taking advantage of the power of competition.  It would give us technology that would work and work better than what is being forced down our throats now. 

Another good reason to be skeptical.  When their ideas are not the best, just the most expensive.