Thank God for Global Warming!
Fear is not an option!


From elite proponents living in the lap of luxury while advocating a reduction in consumption to Richy Rich flying around in private jets while buying ‘carbon offsets’ to justify their lavish lifestyle.

Just be who you are, and quit trying to keep everyone else from enjoying their lives.  If you need an offset to quiet your conscience, you may want to take a peek at the results of Catholic Church leaders who sold indulgences to the rich so that they could sin with a clean conscience.  It helped fuel the fire of reform and eventually led to a much less powerful church.  Hypocrisy is always wrong.  Especially from those that preach some kind of righteousness like environmentalism.

Like Al Gore with his mansion.  Should we conclude that a huge home is the solution for Global Warming.  Or, is it the use of huge vehicles and private jets by Arnold Schwarzenegger that is the solution to Global Warming, that he says we are causing.  No, they don’t believe their own rhetoric.  If they did, they would start by changing their lifestyle.  The most they will do is invest in Carbon Offsets that don’t cost them anything because they are investments.  Over time it will be another way to increase their lavish lifestyle.  Instead, they are trying to restrict and tax us.  Make no mistake, they are not true believers.

 There is no doubt that there are true believers.  I don’t criticize them for their beliefs.  I do debate them about their conclusions.  If you are looking into this issue all I would encourage you to do is check out the issue for yourself.  Don’t take the word of any celebrity.  Be a good skeptic and demand facts.



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